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Ammonia or ammonia free ultrasonic cleaner?

Up until now I have just used boling water in a cup with fairy
liquid and asoft toothbrush to clean my ‘one off’ pieces. Now that
I’m stepping up production significantly I’ve purchased an
ultrasonic tank but am unsure of which fluid to buy.

Should I get fluid with or without ammonia in it? I don’t really
want to make my own at this stage, as I just want to get on with
making beautiful things!

I will predominantly be using my ultrasonic tank to remove rouge
after polishing.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Sheffield UK

May I suggest an ionic surfactant cleaner like Decon 90 or Micro.
Both are designed as laboratory glassware cleaners but work
brilliantly on metals and are Ph neutral or therabouts. I’ve used
them for years when cleaning gun parts and jewellery. They will
remove surface coatings like oxidation or chemical finishes if left
in long enough (over a week) so bear that in mind if you use
oxidation techniques.