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"Amethyst" Gold

Many years ago, I recall reading that it was possible to alloy
gold with aluminium to make a rather spectacular purple metal, the
problem being that the alloy was quite literally unworkable.

More recently, I read a brief note in a UK publication, “Retail
Jeweller”, that a German jeweller had solved this problem and was
now producing purple gold which was referred to as “Amethyst
Gold”… then nothing else. There was one small photograph of a
piece using this material and it looked wonderful. Has anyone out
there got any further

Thanks for your help.

Yours aye,
Dauvit Alexander,
Glasgow, Scotland.

Designer extraordinaire and mad scientist/alchemist Steven
Kretchmer has been working on perfecting purple and blue gold for a
long while…I can’t recall but I seem to remember that he holds
a patent or something official on one or both of these…

he can be emailed at

Cindy Edelstein
Jeweler’s Resource