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American Recycling Associates not answering phone?

This is in regards to American Recycling Associates in Dallas,

I have sent my scrap to these folks for about a year and have been
pleased with them. Today I dropped off a shipment of scrap at the P.
O. I then tried to call them with a question. No answer, and no voice
mail/answering mach. I hustled back to the P. O. and was able to get
my package back. Whew!

I’ve been trying their phone since. It’s 2:30 and no answer.

I don’t want to jam anyone up unjustly, but the scrap I send
represents a big investment. I assume it may be the same for other
Orchid members, so I felt I had to pass this info along.

Maybe it’s just a phone problem, or something similar. But I’ve been
trying their 800 number, and their local line.

Best Regards to All
Robert Wise
Robert Wise Studio