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'American Jewelry Manufacturers' listing

Hello Orchid Forum,

I am a Master Gemologist Appraiser with the American Society of
Appraisers, and a former benchman of ten years, trained under a
Norwegian Mastergoldsmith. I knew early on that a goldsmith I would
never be, as I was too slow to earn a living at it, but the
gemological detective world captured my attention upon the turmoil
caused by the entry of Cubic Zirconia into our marketplace, and I
turned my sites in that direction and haven’t looked back.

I have looked sideways however, and as a gemologist appraiser, I
have been long aware of the importance and value impact of the
jewelers mark upon a piece of jewelry.

The ability to properly attribute a maker to a piece of jewelry,
especially in an appraisal, adds value to the item, and further
protects the owner of the jewelry, helping to insure a proper
replacement with another piece of jewelry by the same maker, if

With this in mind, I have worked with the author, Dorothy T.
Rainwater (recently deceased) toward the publication of the 2nd
edition of “American Jewelry Manufacturers”. As I have been
finalizing the manuscript for a December 1st, 2004 deadline, I ran
across this forum, and thought it would be good to alert members to
the possibility of being listed at no charge in this resource, which
is a benefit to all involved.

Many of you American jewelry manufacturers (another edition with be
directed toward the audience outside of the U.S.)have marks which
you use on your jewelry. It is important for your clients,
appraisers, historians, auction houses and collectors, to name a
few, that your marks be available to a worldwide audience, and this
is your chance.

You have about a week to submit your digital mark and short bio if
you are intersted in being published. Please contact me or my
co-author (and wife) Colette Fuller if you wish further

Martin Fuller

Re: the listing of jewelry marks - What about listing the marks
being cut into cut stones as well - for instance the laser
identifiers such as the polar bear on the Canadian diamonds? ( I
realize this is supposed to be an American listing, but you get what
I mean).



I hope it is not too late to send my maker’s mark in to be registered
(or at least listed) in your book. Being very behind in my Orchid
reading, could you tell me if it is too late? I would send it now but
I must run off to the class I teach. Can send tomorrow? thanks, mark

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 622-9500 studio
970 622-9510 fax