American hornbeam/blue beach

Hey, Does anyone out there have any knoweledge of different american
wood,blue beach/american hornbeam,in particular I need more of
this wood, but i wouldn’t want to cut down a living one,looking
for some already cut down to make jewelry,will travelup to a few
hours if i could get a lead It makes awesome bracelets(tough and
hard) I live in new jersey, near nyc It is very muscular looking/

thankyou all

Dave, try out this site.

If they don’t have what you want in the way of wood, it probably
doesn’t exist. I ran across them looking for a woodworking gift for
my son last year. He said the store and wood is awesome.

No interest in this site or store other than they have neet stuff


Hi Dave, I am very familiar with American Horn beam. It grows all
over my fathers farm. I have never seen it for sale any where, and
having been a wood carver in my previous endeavors that is saying
something. My guess is that since it rarely grows to larger than 6"

  • 8" in diameter it isn’t something that you are going to find
    commercially available or even at a sawmill. Its a beautiful tree,
    the undulations in the trunk are very attractive. It also goes by
    the name iron wood locally because it is almost impossible to split.
    What size pieces are you looking for? I am going down for a visit in
    a few weeks and this time of year the beavers have always dropped a
    few of them here or there. I could look and see if there might be
    any that would suit your needs. They wouldn’t be kiln dried but you
    could do the drying yourself. Shane Morris
    Druid’s Grove Unique Gifts

On the internet I found a tree surgeon whos name is Lou Kingsley.
He lives in Cold Spring, New York and is familiar with this wood.
He might be able to help you. Maybe his phone number can be found
in the directory.

Diane Sadel

Hi, I’m answering for my husband because I vaguely recall taggin
along with him once to an out-of-the-way sawmill that had all sorts
of odd woods. It is called Atkinson’s and I know it is somewhere
near Tillsonburg, Ontario. However, my husband said even better would
be to try Rivard’s Sawmill in Chatham, Ontario. Their phone # is
519-352-3030, fax is 519-352-3031. Good luck.