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American facetor help

@Jackie Erasmus,

Jackie, welcome to Orchid, an amazing group of helpful people. You
may get the answer you seek here, but there would be more info on the
American Facetor at the USFG Faceters List, which is at yahoogroups.

Yes, USFG does spell it with an -er rather than an -or, and, yes,
they do spell it without an apostrophe in faceters’…Google will
find it in any case.

If you join the USFG list and search the archives, you will probably
find a link to a manual for the machine, and if you just ask at the
current list, someone will help you with any questions.

While these machines are all fairly old at present, some of them work
quite well, while others, esp. because of their design, have a fair
amount of “slop” in them from long use and are a little difficult to
use very accurately.

Will still work with more “cut-and-look,” though.

Sorry I can’t help more personally. I’ve seen one or two of these,
and in my local gem and mineral society (Tennessee, USA) there was a
fellow who used one and cut award winning stones, but that was back
in the 90’s. watch out getting hooked on faceting, it’s as addictive
as metalsmithing is for some people, and probably not as lucrative.
but fun…