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American Chopper

Is it just me, or can anyone else relate to the guys who build
custom motorcyles on Discovery Channel’s American Chopper program?
If you haven’t seen it, I would strongly suggest that you have a
look. They work with impossible deadlines, one-off designs, constant
disagreements, even shouting matches between the father and son.
Reality T.V. at its finest, and absolutely genuine. Metal and
mayhem, I love it.


I love that show!!! I also even watch a some of the Monster Garage
shows. They had one that was an all women team. And they were some
butt kicking, welding chicks. I also like some of the Junkyard Wars
on TLC. Any of those shows where they are tearing into some metal and
welding alot and having to be resourceful and creative. But I do
especially like American Chopper. When I am watching these I have
thought to myself that there probably aren’t a whole lot of other
girls who get this excited about watching this kind of thing. I just
love to see their tools and techniques.

-Carrie Nunes

Is it just me, or can anyone else relate to the guys who build
custom motorcyles on Discovery Channel's American Chopper

My son and I are big fans of that show. I like to watch it with him
just so I can say, “See, I don’t yell at you as much as Big Paul does
at Little Pauly.” But the metal work they do with seemingly basic
tools is amazing. And yes the dead lines…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Yes, David, I’ve watched it a number of times - if you can abide the
shrieking going on, some of the designs they fabricate are short of
incredible - I love watching all the intricate welding they do -
some really high tech stuff going on there. And the cost? Not your
standard bike by any means. They make it into a real art. Fun to
watch. Kay

As a metalsmith, one of the most important things to learn from
Chopper is that you need to price your work right. $150,000 for a 10
day project? Great Show! Carl

I love those shows. American Chopper and Monster Garage had inspired
an idea for a DVD that I will shoot as I get components together. We
will cad-cam a model, cast it set it and see how wild a design we can
accomplish in a short time.

Plan “A” so to speak is three metal cast, all gold and the last
casting will be wax set. So if it works we will have a DVD on TRI
metal casting wax set done in just a couple days.

A couple weeks ago I talked to a model maker-Raffi, of Post Modern
design of Los Angeles who will provide me with the 3d wax printed
models. Then we will make the molds and proceed. Post Modern is
booked for a few weeks but we will find a way.

Wish me luck folks we will be putting as many "tricks of the trade"
as we can in this…

Daniel Ballard
Pmwest/Fine Gold