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Amber values

Greetings, I have not dealt with amber that much,…stringing some
for customers etc. But I have seen some very low and some very high
prices for amber. A customer brought in some recently to restring,
and stated they were worth $900.00! They didn’t have any bugs or
organic matter in them, and looked fairly benign. Can anyone clear up
my confusion? Thanks,

Thomas Blair Designing Goldsmith Island Gold Works Hilton Head S.C. 843-686-6001 843-686-6407 fax

Anyone who buys material from the general public knows that they
usually have a very inflated idea of what their items are worth -
from grandmother’s “Welsh Dresser” to “Mum’s engagement ring” their
personal investment both emotionally and in caring for the piece
makes it’s value far above anything that we commercially minded folk
do! Overgenerous insurance estimates don’t help either.

I make it a rule never to comment on peoples personal estimates. I
know that the Cartier princess cut diamond solitaire my lover gave me
is worth well over a million dollars - to me!

Tony Konrath