Amber teething beads

Hi came across this Warning notice to public issued in relation to
Amber teething necklaces Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer,
David Bradbury has issued a warning notice to the public in relation
to amber teething necklaces.

Amber teething necklaces and bracelets consist of amber beads which
are a fossilised tree resin and range in colour from yellow to white
and beige to brown.

The warning notice was issued after ACCC testing of several of these
products indicated that they could break into small parts and
present a choking hazard to children under three years of age.

Suppliers claim that when worn close to the skin, succinic acid will
be released by the amber beads to relieve the symptoms of teething.
Some suppliers also make claims for other conditions including
eczema and asthma.

Consumers using this product are advised to:

always supervise the infant when wearing the necklace or bracelet
remove the necklace or bracelet when the infant is unattended, even
if it is onlyfor a short period of time remove the necklace or
bracelet while the infant sleeps at day or night not allow the infant
to mouth or chew the necklace or bracelet consider using alternate
forms of pain relief seek medical advice if you have concerns about
your child’s health and wellbeing.

Posted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission,
Product Safety Australia.


It isn’t really rocket science is it, to keep tiny things away from
babies? I’ve always been dubious about the amber teething necklaces
etc: stringing materials can break; choking is a real possibility,
as is the chance of tiny beads stuffed in ears, nose and eyes. If you
want to pay for a large chunk of Amber (too big to swallow) for the
baby to stuff in its mouth and suck on, then go for it - but I’d
never give a baby- or toddler come to that - a necklace of beads -
way too risky.


Great info. Be aware too that much amber out there is fake and made
of who knows what kind of toxic plastics.


You’d think it would be common sense wouldn’t you? But I have two
nieces whoare intelligent enough to know better, but won’t listen to
words of warningand swear by these necklaces. Both of them have
bought them for their infant sons and made them wear them 24/7!!! I
guess they believe all the hype andso called testaments of safety
from the retailers. One of them is a children’s nurse in a hospital!
I guess the power of advertising is VERY persuasive.


Hi all

It isn't really rocket science is it, to keep tiny things away
from babies? 

I was taught that if it fitted in a film canister it was too small
for a child under three.

Got me thinking about silver teething rings. Silver has many health
promoting properties.

I am a grand father for the second time yesterday, he looks nothing
like me thank god LOL Will make him one from fine silver. Bangle size
say 5 mm round wire.

Can become a a family heirloom. And he can wear it as a bangle when
he is older.

And pass it on to his children.


But I have two nieces whoare intelligent enough to know better But
I have two nieces whoare intelligent enough to know better 

THE BEST teething aide bar non is not a accident waiting to happen
like theamber beads. Buy whole wheat bagels. Cut them in fourths.
Freeze the pieces. When the baby needs something for teething, give
them a piece of frozen bagel. The more soild frozen piece also helps
to sooth the gums. It is just rough enough to help with the teething
process. As it melts, it gives the baby who normally doesn’t like to
eat when teething a bit of foodn while gnawingon the bagel. It is
also a type of food stuff that when the baby smears something with it
(face it babies are messy) it will not act like cement and stick to
everything. Itis easyto clean up. Doesn’t work with other bread
forms. The bagel by the way it is madeholds together.

educate them about the hazards, but give them a god alternative that
is cheaper

Hi, Much of the available amber is reconstituted. Sometimes with
plastic. not for human consumption. It also breaks and can hurt your
insides. luvbruce