Aluminum box: flush vs. cradle hinge fabrication

Project: Enameled box. Intention is for box to open and lay flat.
Enameled aluminum surfaces: High Expansion @ Low Temperature
(=B11050=B0F) Outside Dimensions: (L) 27.5 cm X (W) 17.5 cm X (D) 2.5
cm (both halves of box are identical).

Question #1 - Is it feasible to fabricate a knuckle hinge using
aluminum on the long axis? If so…

Question #2 - Would both a flush or cradle hinge open completely
flat? I’m making an assumption that cradle hinge is the proper
choice; since there is such a gap in my engineering over artistic
abilities. If so…

Question #3 - Would a fabricated aluminum hinge sustain repeated
visits to the enameling furnace and still allow removal/replacement
of hinge pin upon completion of enameling? If so…

Question #4 - Would anyone with experience in working with aluminum
(in the greater Los Angeles - Southern California area) be interested
or willing to undertake fabricating hinges for an aluminum box?

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