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Alternative for a foredom hammer?

Is there and alternative for the foredom Hammer? I priced one this
morning thinking, “I think I want one of those.” Well… now I am
thinking, “I wonder if there is something that is simular that works
as well, that is a less expensive.”

Thanks in advance for your input.

Angela Hampton
Hampton House Jewelry

For years I used a narrow punch and a hammer, I made the punch and
owned the hammer already. I would put rings on a mandrel to use this
set up since it is a two hands technique and for anything else a
heavy hard flat surface benefited the process.

Sam Patania

Well, if you want “less expensive” you could just go with a regular
hammer, as did our jeweler forefathers (they hit a stake of some
sort with the hammer) But if you want something better, get a
GraverMax and/or a Chicago Pneumatics air scribe. (I use both.)

Hi Angela

I use for bezel and prong setting de" Dremel 290 engraver " about
$20,with a modified tip, it work just fine for me for light duty if I
need more strength I used what Sam was talking about.

Good luck