Alternate for leather cord

hello: I am trying to find a good alternative for leather cord. The
cord should be water resistance- have no odor and will not stain
clothes. Leather cord gets funky real quick. I just tried waxed
cotton but that gets pretty funky quickly as well. I want something

Any thoughts??


DD They make a black rubber cord that looks like leather but much
cheaper.Most bead shops carry them I believe Rio Grand carries them
also. Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Hello dd! Why don’t you use hemp cord? It has an off-white color - you
can even get tinted hemp cords -, doesn’t stain and you can make knot
works out of it very easily that can match whatever piece of jewelry
you make. Hope that helps!

Benoit Hamel

I’ve been pretty pleased with waxed linen. I don’t know how heavily
water-resistant it is, but in normal wear it holds up well and
doesn’t get funky. Linen fiber is actually stronger when it’s wet
than when it’s dry (unlike cotton and leather), and since it’s made
by rotting flax stems before pulling the fibers, I’d think it would
be quite resilient.

-Amanda Fisher