Allset Stone Setting

I’ve been combing the internet for the most economical package for
the Allset stone setting system. I’ve seen kits that run about $70
for the prong guide and channel setting attachments, but no where can
I determine if that’s all I need. I use the Foredom Quickchange No.
18 handpiece. I’m hoping someone can tell me the best place to buy
this tool and also if I really need to spend $400 on the entire kit
or if I can achieve what I’m seeking to accomplish with just the
prong guide kit. I want to be able to cut level seats in prongs and
channels. Doing it manually is extremely difficult for a self-taught
like me. Thanks for your help!

Cathy Flory

Hi Cathy,

It sounds like all you really want to do is prong setting and some
channel setting the Foredom AK838 kit is all you would need it adapts
the Allset stone setting guides for use with the No.18 handpiece. You
don’t want the big Allsett Master Kit as it uses the No. 30
handpiece. If you would like a copy of the Allset catalog or
instructions please give me your address. I can be reached at
@Mike_Zagielski or 1-800-441-0625. Most of the Foredom
dealers carry the Allset kits so just ask your supplier chances are
they have it in stock.

Mike Zagielski,
Foredom Sales Manager


Thankx for the kind word. I believed Sttuler have the one your
looking and on sale.