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Alloying / rolling mill

Got a couple of questions; When alloying gold and silver, what is
the order that the metals go in, that is silver and alloying metal,
alloying metal and silver, or all at once, and torch it? Also,
being broke, does anybody know of a decent quality rolling mill that
won’t cost me an arm and a leg?

Richard, in Michigan where May is acting like April

For Rolling mill checkout You will have to ask
yourself a few questions. 1. How wide do you need. starts from 3"
to 5," 2. Do you need Flat only or Flat and wire. Prices will start
from $199.00 and up. I can be of help if you need any. Kenneth Singh

Hello Richard! No tips about alloying… sorry… but I bought a
Karat rolling mill from Kenneth Singh, a fellow orchidian
(, for a very decent price (275$US), and it does
the job as good as an italian rolling mill some supplier has tried
to sell me for three times that prices! Contact him, you won’t
regret it.

Benoit Hamel, in Montreal, where it snowed yesterday (and it’s
supposed to have stopped snowing two months ago!)… :frowning:

When alloying put metals in the order of melting points: highest

If you’re alloying fine copper, fine gold and fine silver…


copper  	1083 C
gold    		1063 C
silver   		960 C

note that they all melt at pretty much similar temperatures so I do
them all at once. Think also of quantities: if you’re making 22k then
there’s so little of the copper that you might as well have it in
there with the gold.

Make sure the metal is all cut into small pieces, and be quick.
Don’t take long over the melting. Quick is good as there’s less time
for oxides to build up and mess up your alloy.


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