Alloying gold & the Secret of success!

I was happy to see the advice “pee before you start” the other day.
It may only bring a gentle chuckle but I am here to tell you that a
more important and valuable piece of you will never get.

I am reminded of an old diplomat we knew, now passed on to his
reward, who successfully conducted many significant international
negotiations; peace treaties, trade agreements, and whatnot for
several US administrations. He was visiting us at our home some
years ago, after his retirement. Another guest at the gathering
asked him what was his secret of succeeding at such world-shaking
and difficult tasks. His answer came without hesitation, “Never pass
up an opportunity to take a leak!”

There you have it. So, when melting metal or doing other exacting
tasks at your bench, remember this sage advice and, once you have
mastered the, umm, technique and made that wee ritual a regular part
of your work routine, recognize that you are now well-qualified to
go on to much bigger achievements on behalf of all humanity.

Marty in Victoria, praying for world pees.