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Alloy for white gold

Hi Orchidians,

I’m writing to get good advice - as in the past - from yourselves as
I believe you come across my query quite often. To begin with, I mix
an alloy with yellow gold , one third of the quantity in grams of
the yellow 24 ct., which I have acquired from a goldsmith, a friend
of mine, to produce the white gold, 750carat, myself. The product
was from WELT, Milano Italy, but as on can realize, I am getting to
the bottom of this alloy and tried to contact them but with no
avail. I am asking if someone out there would guide me from where -
an online firm - could furnish me with an alloy which can get a
white gold when mixed, which has a good property of malleability,
white and can mix well. Await your response.

From sunny Malta

Hi Joseph,

I have been using Stuller’s white gold allow for casting and am
quite pleased with the results. They have a variety of alloys and a
website, though I don’t know if they ship internationally. You can
get your questions anwered at . Good luck!