All steamed up!

This is my first posting, being new to jewelry making, I don’t have
the best equipment, or the funds to purchase all the things I want.
I was looking into getting a steam machine to clean the Gunk after
polishing. I was having an espresso when the idea hit me. I put
another cup of water into my espresso machine, and filled the
grounds cup with a sponge and turned it on. When it came to
temperature, the discharge into the cup was slow, but the steamer
(milk frothier) had exultant pressure and was completely
controlable. These small machines are not expensive at stores, and
can be found on the shelves of second hand stores, goodwill,
salvation army etc. for next to nothing. I would not however
completely close the flow into the cup, this could lead to an
explosion VERY DANGEROUS !!!. I have one in my kitchen, and one on
the bench, they are very small.

Bert Vanderpool