Alisa Letsius - Jewelry Gallery

Russian Federation

I create jewelry in avant-garde style. I can be inspired by usual and strange things and love experiments. I consider that art shouldn’t be obvious. And even the strangest thing can have sense, but for different people the sense is also different. Love working with juicy colors, they are like all kinds of "wonders" that’s why my brand is called Alice FromWonderland. My every jewelry work is made with great love and exists mostly in one example. I transmit my love to world and people through my jewelry and share it with you!

Materials: Copper, silvering, pearls Dimensions: size 16,5; 50?40?7 mm

Rings magic Tree really looks like small magic tree. Little wonder - hat was the conception.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Cosmic tree set (necklace+ring)

Materials: Polymer clay, epoxy, brass, waxen cord
Dimensions: ring - size 17, necklace - 170 mm ? 20 mm

This set is a conceptual idea of african tree. it reminds us of it due to its shapes and forms. Flavour of Africa.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Ring Life origin

Materials: brass, polymer clay, epoxy
Dimensions: 40?20?20 mm

This ring presents a conception of how the life originates. It like grows and appeares out of somewhere, filling with forms, colors and meaning. And thus we see the whole structure - the structure of life.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Capricciosa set (necklace and ring).

Materials: nickel silver, silver. titanium, polymer clay. epoxy
Dimensions: 190mm ? 17mm

This set is juicy in colors and also gives a feeling of life due to its color combinations. The colors like compete with each other, they are capricious that’s why I called it Capricciosa. And this set took me a long time to create, so that’s the second reason to call it capricious.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Ring In Love

Materials: silver, fianite
Dimensions: size 17; 45?40?40 mm

Ring “In Love” was born in my mind while being inspirated by the feeling of falling in love. Love is a flower that grows in our heart and nourishes our soul and frees our mind.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Industrial set

Materials: nickel silver, titanium, silver
Dimensions: 40?30 cm

The idea was to demonstrate the possibility to create and wear some sort of industrial metal jewelry. “Industrial” - that is the conception for this jewelry piece.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Hundertwasser necklace

Materials: polymer clay, golf leaf and waxen cord
Dimensions: 180mm ? 15mm

I was inspired by my favourite architect and artist - Hundertwasser, thus having created the whole collection.
These necklace is combing colors thus presenting the color expression like color explosion in every respect. it dreaws attention and is full of color energy, full of life. I consider that color gives life. For me that is important while creating jewelry. That is my motto.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

White Cosmic necklace

Materials: Polymer clay, epoxy, waxen cord
Dimensions: 42?20 cm

Being inspired by space, Universe and planets I suddenly created this necklace of spontaneous forms. It looks like cosmic aliens or teeth or vertebras. Positive and surprising ones.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Ring Conceptual Beauty

Materials: silver - blackening, enamel
Dimensions: size 17

Conceptual beauty - Nature beauty that never dies. but you can touch and feel it.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Brooch Hour of Triumph

Materials: brass - blackening, fianites
Dimensions: 7 cm lengh, 4,5 cm wide, 2,5 cm high

Brooch tells us about stars and the moment of Now - the Hour of Triumph. Shine of fianites - stars confirm that time has come.Moment of magic when your dreams come true.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius

Brooch Whisper of Colors

Materials: brass, textile, enamel
Dimensions: 7cm lengh, 5 cm wide, 2,5cm high

this brooch presents my vision of fallen autumn leaves, some kind of vintage and says about collors in not in a direct way.

Photo credit: Alisa Letsius