Alexandrite, prongs redone

Dear list, Hello everyone, this is my first time posting. And I am
hoping that someone will help. I have inherited a 46 year old
natural Alexandrite gold ring from my mother, and the prongs on it
need to be re-tipped. I only have experience with silver, so it
would have to be done by someone else. The problem I have is that I
am weary of bringing it to just anyone, because the stone has been
estimated at $6000. What do I look for in a jeweler? And would it be
possible for me to be there at the time of re-tipping, or would that
be rude and/or dis-courteous to the jeweler? Thank you for your

Anastasia Macdonald

Hi Anastasia, You know what I’d do? I’d go to the jeweler (look for a
boutique type custom jeweler) and say “I’ve only ever worked in
silver, and I would just LOVE to be able to watch how the retipping
is done.”

That excludes chain stores who send work out, but I doubt you’d want
one of those working on your ring anyway.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada