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ALERT transformer Cutting oils!


Transformer oils are at BEST extremely risky.

They can be (and most often ARE) contaminated with a myriad of toxins
at extremely low levels and still be sold and “clean”.

ALL would do well to steer clear of these materials as they cannot
be easily and cheaply tested… therefore you will be “taking” the
word of someone who CANNOT directly know if they are safe… and at
best they will be reading a report of several reports to “assure” you
that they are safe…

Is your healthy AND THOSE AROUND YOU worth the difference of $.10/ to

It costs the biz as much as $10/gal to SAFELY dispose of used
transformer oils… I WONDER WHY you can buy it for

This is not hyperbole… this is real.

Guard your heathy… no one else really can…

All the best in all things,

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