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ALERT Cutting Oils Vrs. Water

Bravo Bill ! !

I have slabs that I purchased and were cut in the 1950s and 60’s and
they still smell awful, in truth, they smell TOXIC … So I now keep
them in the garage tightly covered, as I am sure the half life of the
toxic oils is probably 100+. years.

I have NEVER understood how, those of us who hunt and gather natural
stones and then sell them for their “natural beauty,” accept the fact
that most of the stones are forever contaminated with oils, at least
for our lifetime. The Toxic chemicals in the oils can actually cause
all sorts of large and small health problems…it just does not
make any sense to me at all.

If I ever have the need to purchase and use a large saw for cutting,
I will use only water and take the extra 5 minutes a day to clean &
dry the saw blade afterward.

I will also fully accept the fact that the blade will probably last
only half as long as it would have in cutting oil, BUT SO WHAT !!
Most of us blow more money on a myriad of other nonsensical things
… and even so, just a little extra cost added on per each finished
product, like 50 cents, to one dollar, would most likely cover the
extra production cost of water cutting.

However, with water cutting, their will be NO COST to my health, my
customers health, nor to the health of our beautiful planet, which
gives us all our stones…

Even if I have to buy 3 times the amount of blades, it is a small
price to pay, compared to the overall benefits of water cutting.

I for one, will personally always cut with water only, as everyone
and everything, benefits in the long run !

Be well