Alergy too all metals?

Hello All: I have a customer that says her significant other has an
alergy to ALL metals and therefore cannot wear a wedding ring. She
wants me to design a wedding band with a plastic linning that will
keep the metal away from his finger. I know I can come up with a
plastic “U” channel that will keep the metal away from his finger but
the metal will still touch his other fingers and that is where I am
stumped. Has anyone ever heard of an alergy too all metals? Or maybe
this guy is a player who doesn’t want a wedding band to slow him
down? I don’t know what to tell this Girl. Does anyone know of a
carved stone ring source?

Michael R. Mathews Sr. J.A. certified Master Bench Jeweler
Victoria,Texas USA

Does anyone know of a carved stone ring source? 

Hi Michael,

There’s a jeweler named Frank Molnar who specializes in carved stone
jewelry, especially rings. The pieces I’ve seen were lined with
gold but I’m sure that’s not necessary. I haven’t been in touch with
him for several years but a Google search turned up an office phone
number (714-564-5614) for him at Santa Ana College (CA) where he’s a
Professor in the Art Department. The only previous contact
I had for him was a street address: Frank Molnar, 5040
E. Glen Albyn Ln., Orange, CA 92669. His work is excellent and
beautiful. Hope this helps.


Michael, I have a local source for solid jade (nephrite) bands in
various sizes and widths. They’re cut from one piece of jade (no
seams.) They are REALLY INEXPENSIVE. (Like $20 or less.) Let me know
EXACT ring size and width, if you want one (or more.) Obviously, they
cannot be sized. If one person of the couple wants that, you can
make a gold or platinum “sleeve” to fit inside one of them, so they
have more-or-less “matching” rings, and you get a jewelry job out of

Hello Michael, Allergic to ALL metals huh - even surgical stainless
and 24K gold? (Not your place to be a “doubting Thomas”, is it?)
This reminds me of the stories told by people to their spouses about
sexually transmitted diseases.

A jade band might be a good alternative.  Do a Google search for

those - I know they’re out there. Jade’s tough enough, but it would
still be a good idea to buy some back-up bands in his size for
immediate replacement if broken.

Hey, if the guy's a "player" he'll remove whatever ring she might

ask him to wear.

Judy in Kansas, where we're having another 50 degree F temperature

swing from the 'teens to the 60s.

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.


I am also a hypnotist and NLP practitioner besides an amateur
jeweler. There is a simple mental imagery process in NLP that can
often help w/ allergies. It probably could be done over the phone
or w/ a practitioner in your area. Email me privately and let me
know where you are and perhaps I can suggest someone. The all
metals makes it a litttle more challenging.


Michael, you could have the ring coated in Titanium Nitride. This
is the stuff artificial body parts (metal base) are covered with and
is reputedly totally bio-neutral. You get a reasonably yellow gold
look, a surface hardness increase, and non-reactivity all in one!
Just a thought…if the stone ring option is unacceptable to the


Dear Mr. Michael R. Mathews Sr. I have never experienced someone that
is allergic to all metals. I sort of doubt that this is the case.
First I would suggest that you get a set of plastic ring sizers from
somewhere, cut the one that is their size from the group (at their
expense of course). File off any tabs that would make it
uncomfortable and ask them to wear it for a few days just as an
experiment before you go jumping through any flaming hoops. It is
very possible that what they are allergic to is environmental or
personal rather than metallurgic. Of course some people have
reactions to various metals such as nickel on rare occasion so don’t
think I take this lightly. The more important thing is to help your
customer discover the truth. I am a diver and when I come out of
salt water, if I don’t rinse my face with fresh water before it
dries, my face will burn almost immediately due to the salt
concentration on my face. The same thing happens when I am out
working on my yard in the New Mexico desert. I always keep a water
jug to drink and to pour over my face so that my own salt does not
concentrate. You might ask what type of work this person does,
where their hands go during the day, do they rinse their hands
frequently, etc… This is what I meant by environmental or

If it turns out that they are in fact allergic to most metals, their
are alternatives. There are some UV curing materials that you can
coat a jewelry item with, inside and out that are transparent, and
quite durable. Another thing you might try before you give up on
metals for all time are things that have a natural oxide coating like
Titanium. Titanium is so reactive that it forms an oxide coating
just from existing in the metallic state. Some shapes are also
better than others to reduce this effect. Comfort fit (inside round)
bands tend to trap fewer contaminants than do flat bands or shanks.
Good luck with your customer.

Best Regards,
J. Tyler Teague
JETT Research
(Jewelry Engineering, Training, & Technology)

You could suggest a woven Elephant’s hair band.That solved the
problem for a friend of mine. Bill from L.I.

Has your friend considered an enameled ring? I also have a friend
whose husband is a heavy equipment operator and can’t wear a ring
for safety reasons. He has his wedding “ring” tattooed on his
finger. Now that’s a statement of a committed man! Karen

Karen Olsen Ramsey

Howdy Michael,

It seems highly unlikely one individual would be allergic to 24K
gold, platinum and titanium.(are there scientifically confirmed
cases of CP titanium reactions?)

How about a bone or walrus ivory ring? Or jade? Or, like a couple I
know, a tattoo around the finger?

If he’s so allergic, he must have either varnished over the backside
of the jeans/slacks button or can tolerate nickel and maybe brass?
How does he handle coins? Flatware? Eyeglass frames? Does he have
amalgam fillings? Wear a watch?

1 Lucky Texan

Dear Michael: I had a friend that had the same problem and she found
plastic rings that she wore in place of a metal wedding band…as
far as stone rings you might try FIRE MOUNTIAN they carry a lot of
that kind of thing HTH Ron

Whatever the final choice is, I think this has been a fascinating
discussion about all the possibilities to solve this problem. This
list continues to fascinate.


Michael,. I don’t know of a specific source for ‘carved’ stone rings
but they are not difficult to make. I used to make them years ago
out of jade and agate. Haven’t done it for a long time as have not
had the need.

To do so, get a good slab (no cracks etc) about 7mm thick (1/4
inch). Use a diamond core drill of an appropriate diameter in a
drill press with lots of water (just like drilling a hole)and cut out
a round blank. Then use another core drill (that will give a hole
slightly smaller than the desired size) to remove the center of the
stone…either in the exact center or off center as you desire. On
a grinder smoother up the geometry of the ring and round the
shoulders just like cutting a cabochon. You can use diamond bits to
round the sides of the hole and adjust the size. Go throught he
smoothing process as in cutting a cab and polish. Great little
project. My wife periodically wears a jade ring I made about 25
years ago!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

 I also have metal allergies, and was told at one time that it was
probably the nickel content in the various metals.  Hypoallergenic
"surgical steel" is the worst of all, however; I can't explain
that one.  

I bought my husband an 18K grey & yellow gold wedding band made in
Germany and just received it mid-February. Unfortunately, his
finger gets so raw it sometimes bleeds so he only wears it when we go
out. We were told prior to buying the ring that in Germany they use
less nickel in their gold. Is that true?