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Alergies to sterling silver and gold

Hello everyone and happy holidays.

I have, more and more, over the years had customers complain about
not being able to wear either sterling or gold, especially earrings.
I have heard many rememdies from coating the pieces with clear nail
lacquer to first applying an antibiotic to their ears and the piece.
None seem to work. Any suggestions on what I can do so they can
wear my work comfortably?? At this point all of my earrings have
either 14K posts or SS posts.

Thanks for the info. G. in Cleveland

Hi Tom, Have you tried titanium earwires? That works for most
people. Vince LaRochelle, Eugene, OR.

Hi Tom,

A guy I know here in Ireland manufactures titanium sleeves and backs
for earrings. These findings slide over the stem of the earring and
ensure that the gold or silver posts don’t come in contact with the
ear lobe in any way. His name is David Kenny and you could try
emailing him at

Hope this helps,
Neil KilBane

Use Titanium only problem is it has to be fusion welded to the
earring, BUT never have heard of any one allergic to Ti. Reactive
metals, a regular contributor carries Titanium and Niobium Here is
his web address

he also carries the sparkie fusion welders

usual caveat;; no affiliation with nor related to in any way

Kenneth Ferrell

, BUT never have heard of any one allergic to Ti. 

Hi, the owner of a gallery that I deal with claims to be allergic to
Titanium, I don’t know how she has tested this, or even if she has
her metals mixed up, etc., but after my own experiences with
sensitivity problems and some allergy problems I would hesitate to
suggest that no-one is allergic or sensitive to any substance. Maybe
this lady is the first on record, as she is certainly the first I
have heard of, too. Christine in swelteringly hot Adelaide, Sth Aust.