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Alcyone's Bench Exchange

So, in the midst of preparing for a show, here is my bench, in full TIZZY mode. My sweetheart of a husband made the tall work table for me years ago and made my soldering Ben for my birthday this year. What I love about my space is that I can easily scoot between my bench, solder station and Foredom lathe grinder and polisher. Almost everything in my studio is from Rio Grande, including my bench, Foredom, torch, hand tools, my barrel tumbler and magnetic tumbler, my mini desk top Foredom, saws, files, mandrel soft rings and bracelets, hammers, solutions, materials. I do have one task light I did not get from Rio and then, the paper towels, towels and steel wool. In a nutshell, my studio is a Rio Grande Studio. The rulers forbid me from including more than one image, so instead of photos of all 4 work areas I am including one image from a distance to include as much as possible. My tumblers and pickle area are in the next room next to my deep sink. Hoping this one photo counts to qualify for the Rio Gift Cert, because I had to balance on my husband’s elyptical trainer as it moved, to get a photo with some clarity.


LOVE the profile picture :slight_smile:

Always just a tad bit goofy on the inside and then it creeps out. Have a spectacular day!