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Alconox powdered cleaner


Hi Tim,

I note you posted a message seeking Alconox economical powdered
cleaner. I regret the difficulty you had finding single boxes of
Alconox. Some dealers instituted minimum order policies requiring a
full case of 9 box purchase. You can buy single boxes of Alconox
powdered detergent direct from the manufacturer at or
by calling toll free 877-877-2526. You can also find a list of local
dealers you could try contacting to see if they can supply you single

As of Jan. 1 2003, if you buy direct from Alconox, a single 4 lb box
of Alconox powdered detergent will cost $19 plus shipping and
handling. That box makes 50 gallons of cleaning solution, so the cost
is $0.38 per gallon of solution (plus shipping and handling).

I hope this is helpful.

Malcolm McLaughlin
Vice President
Alconox, Inc
30 Glenn St Ste 309
White Plains, NY 10603 USA
phone 914-948-4040 x160
fax 914-948-4088



You’ve aroused my curiosity about this cleaner & I’d like to know
what you use it for?

Regards, Audie’s Images.


Alconox powdered detergent was originally formulated (in 1941) for
the purpose of cleaning hospital and laboratory instruments. It is
a high quality hard surfaced cleaner that has had a following among
jewelry manufacturers and jewelry stores for use in small ultrasonic
baths. It does a very good job on rouge and polishing compounds as
well as removing finger oils leaving a bright metal and sparkling
gem surface. As the manufacturer we have never really actively
pursued gem customers. I joined this group after seeing a posting
where someone wanted to know where to buy single boxes of detergent
rather than having to buy a case of nine boxes. You can request free
samples or purchase single boxes at A
single 4 lb box makes 50 gallons of solution, so you can understand
why it is a little burdensome to buy a whole case. I hope this is
helpful. Please request a sample in the “get sample” section of our
website if your curiosity is still peaked (or better yet buy a box).

Malcolm McLaughlin
Alconox, Inc.