[Alberta] invitation to artists

MESA, SILVER GALLERY, is a jewellery store located at Eau Claire
Market, downtown Calgary. We carry handcrafted, sterling silver
jewellery from artists all over the world. Somehow, though, we feel we
could promote more local jewellers. The Calgary public likes to
support their own, and tourists from all over the world beg us daily
for “more local silversmiths”

So we invite all Calgary and Alberta silversmiths to join our show.
Theme; a celebration of local silversmiths Location; Mesa, silver
gallery, Eau Claire market 140, 200 Barclay parade s.w., Calgary
Alberta, T2P 4R5 Date; November 4th, 1999 (for three weeks) Cut off
date for joining; november 20th

Anyone interested in joining, please e-mail me at
lamote@telusplanet.net or phone me during the day at (403) 290 0149,
or in the evening at 251 6341 for more info.
Frieda Lamote