Alaskan gems and minerals

Next month I’ll be traveling to Alaska and wonder if anyone has
on any gems and/or minerals indigenous to that area. I’d
also love to hear about any special craft or jewelry galleries up that

Thanks in advance,
Karen Strauss

Karen, I’m sure someone can come up with a bunch of gems and minerals
found here in Alaska in addition to those I can think of here, but
here are some of those that come to mind: Gold,of course. There are
few streams in Alaska from which you cannot pan some "colors: Garnets
are found in seaside cliffs in Southeast…Petersburg, if memory
serves. Nephrite jade, particularly in the Kobuk region (Jade
Mountain), north of the Arctic circle. Agate, more frequently gray
chalcedony, is found in many locations, particularly on the Alaska
Peninsula. Jaspers in the river gavels in many places…the Susitna
river comes to mind. Quartz crystals are found in the Brooks range.

I have found petrified wood in the Ugashik lake area of the Alaska
Peninsula. It was colorful but quite soft.

Most of these areas are remote and only accessible by boat or
aircraft. I suspect there are gemstone treasures yet to be discovered
here, but given the remoteness of most of Alaska it will be a long

Jerry in Kodiak