Alan Revere

Great article in MJSA on Alan. Being 100 miles away I was lucky to be able to take many classes at his academy. I would not be where I am today without his instruction. My hat is off to him and best wishes on his retirement.


Last but one para,
Waking up to know that the day is a burden?
Shame that, perhaps its because its a school.
I Cant wait for the night to pass to get into the w/shop.
Always an interesting problem to overcome in there
and get production up and running.
Similarly, coming up to the 50th yr, tho I didnt start till Jan 1968 at 34. with 2 careers prior to then.

Hi gang,

It’s a pity he didn’t find a buyer for the school. They’ve got a very solid reputation.
Part of me is surprised about the lack of a buyer, part of me not so much. Yeah, it is (or was) a going concern, but it’s hard to find someone who’s up to replacing the critical guy. (Alan)

It will be strange to be in the Bay area with the school no longer there.

Kudos to Alan for doing such a good job for so long.


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