Alabaster II Palladium

I hope there are at least a few out there that can answer a few
simple questions that I have about casting Precious Metals West,
Alabaster II palladium?

#1 Can it be cast in my long arm spin casting machine.

#2 What investment do you think best?

#3 What fuel/oxy type is best? I have heard propane, hydrogen, etc.

#4 How hot should the mold/investment be when casting?

#5 Does it require a special crucible?

#6 Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help, I have never worked with Palladium, or
platinum for that matter.

Bert Vanderpool

Hi Bert,

My regular Alabaster customers have not been posting to Orchid…

Take a look at for most of the you
seek. As I said, Alabaster I is the good one for torch casting,
Alabaster II is very difficult to cast unless you use an induction
caster set at a lower power.

Platinum investment (Doc’s or your favorite) Platinum crucible. Same
flask heat as for Pt.

My next project may well be Alabaster III, nickel free and easier to
cast like with a propane or methane torch.

New metals can be challenging. The good news-everything else but
casting is easy with pd.

Daniel B