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Ajouring patterns

I was asked to post a jpeg of basic ajour patterns. Here is one that we put together for a talk at the MJSA Portland Jeweler’s Symposium. We use only a very tight 3/0 sawblade and occasionally a graver.



Thank you for sharing the image. The jewelry made with azures is now becoming so rare and the ‘S’ shaped azure was something new to me.

Kartik Doshi.

Here is something I posted regarding azures on January 21, 2014 (I searched for it, my memory is nowhere near that good any more!)

I've decided that their additional ornamentation is a worthwhile
endeavor for a number of pieces. 
Erich, your post reminded me of an article on azures by Michael

Bondanza that had amazing azure designs. The instructor at a college

where I was taking classes wrote to him and he sent her the sample

piece, so I saw the actual work. It was exquisite. The article is on

Ganoksin, but I don't seem to be able to find the pictures anywhere. 

Neil A.

the article can be found with this link:

This is at the article’s end, which may help someone with back issues of the journal:

By Michael Bondanza
© MJSA Journal – 2006
In association with MJSA JOURNAL

Other articles about azures on

Bradney W, Simon

Gerald Lewy:

This link no longer works, should be an article by Michael Bondanza. Perhaps the proper link can be found by a member:

Neil A