"AJM" setting tools!

Hi all !

Got two articles showing some off my ’ modified ’ setting tools,
they are appearing at a local newsstand near you…well almost !
These are basic but very simple to make and innovative. The two
separate articles are in the new April - AJM issue, pages 29 and 31.

Hi Y’all ! Just trying to remind all of the 165 folks who were
waiting so long for my very detailed list of setting tools and their
description. I have it now on my web-site for all to see and
print. If you go to www.gemzdiamondsetting.com and click onto
“Tips”, you will see at the bottom of the list, the article in
question…This version has been “proof-read” and its
reader-friendly, just like me…:>) If any of you folks are going to
the Chicago - “Bench” Seminar I’ll be there. I’ll be giving out my
CD on “Graver-Sharpening” along with more setting pictures. I’m
gonna be doing two demo’s on bead setting and graver shaping. You’ll
see me with the Canadian flag and souvenirs being handed out!..Gerry!

To get a sense of the impact of the Orchid community’s impact on the
jewelry world, take a look at the April issue of AJM Magazine and
see how many of us are represented in the articles by Tina Wojtkielo
and Suzanne Wade.

Joel Schwalb