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AJM Magazine

This for Ed Ward at Ward’s Stone Creations and anyone else who
may be interested in receiving AJM Magazine.

A one-year subscription in the United States is $42 per year.

(Outside the U.S., subscriptions are U.S. $88 for surface mail
and U.S. $141 for air mail.)

We do offer a free three-month trial subscription. If you would
like to try AJM free for three months call 800-444-6572, ext.
3026 and speak to our administrative assistant, Mariyln Irons.

Make sure to tell her that you saw this post on Orchid and that
you want to take advantage of the three-month deal. She’ll set
you up to receive the magazine free for three months. After that,
you’ll get a renewal notice which you can send back if you choose
to subcribe to AJM.

If anyone has any other questions about AJM, I’ll be happy to
resond to them. My e-mail address in @CMarand885.

Candace Marandola
Associate Editor/AJM