AJM Casting Article

Hi Gang,

Check the August issue of AJM (American Jewelry Mamufacturer)
for Gary Dawson’s latest article; ‘To Cast or Not to Cast’ (page
54). It lists some considerations the shop owner may want to make
before setting up a casting operation. Has some interviews with
shop owners around the US.

Great article Gary!

Dave =

Great article Gary!

Thanks David! I finally got to see it myself today (Sat. 16th)
Also, I think I’m finally up and going on the Orchid Digest so I
can begin to participate fully here.

Thanks to all who welcomed me here, BTW. I think I sent e-mail
back to most all of you but now that I’ve got it figgered out
how to easily participate here with my automated software I’ll
be a more visible participant…hopefully anyway.

I’m currently working on an article for Metalsmith about a
couple of friends of mine, David Monette and Tami Dean. Monette
makes brass horns for musicians, he did a presentation at the
SNAG conference a couple of years ago. Tami decorates some of
the higer end ones. If any of you out there know either of them
and would like to add comments about their work I’d be

Glad to be here. G