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Airbrush / Sandblast


For a couple of years now I have used the Badger version of the
airbrush sandblaster. It works reasonably well for my limited
purposes. Instead of using the thing over a trash can as Skip
suggests, I bought a few pieces of Plexiglass acrylic and
constructed a blasting box. This has a few advantages: It cuts
down on the mess; it greatly reduces the liklihood of breathing
the dust from the abrasives; and it allows for the easy reuse of
the abrasive, although you have to sift it through a fine screen
to remove contaminants that can block the airbrush. If cost is
enough of a factor that you choose to use a Paasche or Badger
system, constructing a blasting box might save you in the long
run in terms of mess health and $$. MP