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Airbrush as a sandblaster

    Jay:  Paasche does make an "air eraser"  The simple
configurations sells for about $90.00 and the more complex unit with
a 1 quart media reservoir is about $190.00. 

I recently bought a Taiwan made airbrush-size grit blaster for CDN$
19.95. The handle and trigger mechanism looks similar to the Badger
air brush. A small glass jar screws onto the underside. Fine river
sand is drawn up a 1/8 flex tube into the 3/32 inch brass tube that
narrows down to a 1/16 inch tip which just about touches the (chrome
plated nut) blast nozzle orifice. The blast nozzle mounted on a 3/8
inch brass barrel forms the business front of the grit blaster. The
3/32 brass tube in the middle of the barrel. Operates at max 50 psi.

Works Ok but it’s new and I won’t know how long the brass parts will

Kelvin Mok