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AIGS certified Alexandrite

Hi everyone!

I’m not a jeweler or anything, just kinda tripped onto this website.
:slight_smile: I did have a question I was hoping someone could help me
with…I’m in the market for an engagement ring, but I don’t want a
diamond. I’ve read all I can about the alexandrite, and I kinda like
the idea of it. I know they are supposed to be real expensive, and
with my $10K budget, I shouldn’t be able to afford much, but I found
a website with some decent prices on some alexandrites from India.
Has anyone heard of

I’m a novice but their prices seem obscenely deflated to me, maybe
it’s because the alexandrites are somehow inferior?? In any case, if
anyone has any on where I can get a nice alexandrite in
my budget, I’d really appreciate it…

on a related note, multicolour’s gems are AIGS certified. I am not
familiar with this organization, should I insist on GIA
certification? Thanks so much for reading my desperate plea for
help! :slight_smile:


The AIGS is the Asian Institute for Gemmological Sciences. It is one of the finest gem labs in the

That being said, I can’t think of any reason to buy online.

Why don’t you work with local jewelry stores in your community? See
the gems in person! Have a gemologist explain color change, cutting
quality, and the difference in character of alexandrite from
different localities to you IN PERSON with examples.

In the United States, for colored gems, I personally prefer a
certificate from the American Gem Trade Association. An excellent site with a lovely explanation of
alexandrite is Pala in San Diego:

Hope this helps.
Barbra Voltaire, F.G.G., G.G., N.A.J.A.

Hi Leslie,

David Weinberg of multicolour is a nice guy and I’m sure he’ll
answer all your questions. He helped me out in the past without
knowing who I was.

As Barbra pointed out, the best thing to get educated is seeing the
stones yourself. And I agree that the AIGS is a very professional and
fine lab.

When buying in that price category, I would defenatly want a

As said AIGS is good, in the USA AGTA is the best place for coloured
stones. Both labs are run by fanatic gemlovers who are highly



Excellent advise. I am amazed that anyone would buy a gem sight
unseen. I certainly would not unless I had an iron-clad 100% return


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