Hi All , I am interested in becoming a A.G.T.A. member , I went to
there Web site The page was under construction , Can
any one out there give me the Telephone number or Fax number of AGTA

Thanks in advance
Ahmed Shareek

American Gem Trade Association 2050 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75207

Phone: 214-742-4367 (toll free in U.S. & Canada 800-972-1162) Fax:

Hope that helps!


All, I have recently received my application for membership in the
AGTA. Following are exerpts from the AGTA membership package.
“Membership in the Association requires the company to be permanently
based in North America for a minimum of two years. The individual
who is the contact person has to have been involved in the industry
in North America for a minimum of the past five years.” " We are
committed to a common goal - to reinforce the message that Colored
Gemstones play a vital role in the success of the Jewelry Industry in
the United States and Canada. Our mission is to insure the value and
desireability of our products through ethical and honorable trade
practices. You can count on it." " Firm Members – Any person or
firm who has been employed in the natural colored gemstone and/or
Cultured Pearl Industry in the United Stateds or Canada for at least
(5) five years and, for at least two (2) years immediately preceeding
application for membership, has maintained a permanent office of
their own in the United States or Canada for the purpose of
conducting commerce, at least fifty percent (50%) of which shall have
been in unmounted natural colored gemstones and/or Cultured Pearls at
the wholesale level. As used herein, the term “natural gemstone"
connotes natural origion and is defined as follows: “Natural” means
material found in or on the earth formed completely by nature,
without human intervention, except cutting, carving, and/or
polishing. If it has been enhanced in any other manner by human
action including but not limited to color and/or clairity
enhancement, such treatment shall not affect its classification of
natural origion; provided, however, that such treatment must be fully
and properly disclosed. “Gemstone” means a naturally occurrring
mineral possessing the qualities of beauty, rarity, durability, and
the chemical composition and physical properties of a specific
mineral species.” “The term “gem” may be applied to the non-minerals;
Amber, Coral, Jet, Natural Pearls and naturally occurring glass.”
"Only Firm members have voting rights and are eligible to participate
in the gemstone sections of AGTA trade shows.

AGTA address P.O. Box 420643
Dallas, TX 75342

Fax 214-742-7334
Tel 800-972-1162

Gerry Galarneau