AGTA pre-registration

Does anyone know if pre-registration for AGTA in Tucson is available
other than by fax on demand? The phone number that AGTA sent is only
if you want to receive a fax, and I don’t have a fax machine. Seems
like I actually spoke to a live person at AGTA last year to


Hi Karen, A couple of years ago I had a problem with a fax machine
that kept breaking down and the repair shop could’nt seem to fix it
right. Also I used it on the same line so I would often miss the
incoming fax. A friend told me about: I now have
a separate fax number that I can receive faxes for FREE, converted
and sent in my e-mail. Just follow the steps and down load the viewer
and your set! They do charge for the service of sending faxes but I
now have a working fax machine that I use for that. I am not
affiliated with them just happy with the service they provide!

Zane Hoffman Poly-Metric Instruments. Inc.

Karen, I’m not sure what the registration is for, but if you’re
looking for a fax service a second option is
Sounds like pretty much the same deal, I don’t know what the benefits
would be selecting onw over the other. But at least you have 2
options. They also charge if you want to sign up for sending faxes,
but I haven’t done that as I can use my computer modem for that. But
I do have their free service for receiving faxes, and you can also
receive voicemails on the same number! Both are sent immediately to
you via e-mail. I got a number assigned to me, and it’s in Utah, but
since the people that would be faxing to me aren’t all in the same
place, the state didn’t really matter. I think you can pick a
specific area code, or an 800 number, for a fee.

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Just thought I’d second what Zane said about I’ve been
using the free service for about six months, and it’s proven to be
reliable for me. The only (very minor) problem I run into is that
people sometimes find it confusing that my fax number has a different
area code than my telephone number. You can avoid this problem by
signing up for their pay service, which is something like $5 a month,
and allows you to select a local phone number rather than accepting a
randomly assigned one.

At this point, I’d even gladly pay the $5 a month if they ever stop
offering the free service, since it neatly solved my messy problem of
how to handle unexpected faxes. I really didn’t want to spend the
money to put in a dedicated fax line and buy a fax machine for the
handful of faxes I receive over the course of a year, and I was sick
and tired of trying to get my computer fax software up fast enough to
answer the phone when I picked up the line and got “beep,beep,beep”
on the other end! Efax gets my nod, as well!