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AGTA/Orchid Dinner February 2018

Are people interested in meeting up again this year? I had such a great time meeting folks face to face at the 2017 event that I want to be sure that everyone is included this time as well.

I propose that we set up this years event the same as last year’s. Same Restaurant, same day, same time, etc. I would also like to include a speaker or two. Naturally, this is up to the Orchid community’s consensus.

Thursday evening, February 1, at 7:00 PM, at:
Café a la C’Art
150 N. Main Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 628-8533

People wanted advanced notice on this dinner to make arrangements, which is why I am starting this discussion now. All arrangements can be changed. Nothing is yet set.

Last year’s event discussion can be found here:
Annual Tucson Orchid Dinner Meetup 2017

I can be reached directly at:
Kim Sannes


I would like to attend the dinner. I can also help if you need someone in Tucson to coordinate anything.

Thank you Sam.

I appreciate your assistance and I look forward to seeing you in person.


Oh how I wish I could attend. It was a good gathering last year. I’ll be tied to radiation treatments, so cannot make the trip. Best wishes and good hunting to everyone at the gem shows.
Judy in Kansas, where the wind is whipping around the house, but temps are mid 50s.

Dear Kim: There are 2 of us who would like to attend.
Diane Diengott
Ian Finley
If you need to speak with me: 212-869-6332
Cell: 516-456-7407
Showing at the GJX. Will arrive the evening of the 25th if you need to contact me.
Best, Diane
Dikra Gem

Hi Gang,

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to the Tuscon show. I’m thinking of going for a couple of days this year to scout it out, to see if KC wants to go as a company next year. I don’t have time (or reason) to go for the whole 10 days.
The Orchid dinner’s on the first. If you were going to pick a couple of days when the maximum number of vendors would be there, what days would you go, assuming an anchor on the first, for the dinner?

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts

That’s a question that I think we all ask ourselves each year. I like going during AGTA week. I can never ever see everything, and I’m fast on my feet even in crowds. Two days is my minimum, so Thursday and Friday are my core days.

The meetup is tonight. Drop ins are welcome as always.