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AGTA & GLDA in Tucson

All, For about the third time I have read in this forum dealers in
other shows during the Tucson AGTA & GLDA time frame trying to tell
everyone that all these dealers do is buy from the other shows and
resell at tremendous profits at the high class shows. Whenever I
hear someone say “Keep an open mind” it immediately means to me that
they have a position that has no merit, but they still want to shove
it down my throat. Make no doubt it that dealers in the Tucson AGTA
and GLDA do buy from other dealers. They often have orders placed
with individual suppliers at others shows months in advance. They do
not buy at the show prices an individual would buy one or two items.
They place orders and buy parcels to fill out their display. If I
were one of the dealers they buy from I would keep my mouth shut,
because they are probably the best sale you will have for the show.
Like it or not Tucson AGTA and GLDA are the centerpiece shows on
Earth. AGTA especially sets the tone for the color stone trade
through out the world. World gemstone trade centers upon the USA.
Gemstone imports into the USA are larger than any other country on
Earth. AGTA is involved in the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines
for these imports and resale in the USA. To belittle them, their
show at Tucson, and their members is to show very little knowledge of
the gemstone trade.

Gerry Galarneau