Age of some setting tools

This was a letter to one of my students, about investing in their
new tools, and how long they actually last for. I believe that many
times “age of tools” has nothing to do with their own individual age.
Its how often they are used, and after a while they become invaluable
in the daily regime of diamond setting. Their inherent value goes up
exponentially. Almost to a point like “Am-Ex, CC”.“I just never leave
home without them.”:>)

"Some of my tools are about 35 years old or more. In fact I have one
handle that dates back to 1961. My emery sticks are from early 1965.
Is this an investment? You figure it out. I usually write down on
those items the actual dates bought. My tennis bracelet setting
holder is only 15 yrs. old. My old box of RBC setting burs are from
mid 1960’s

Gerry Lewy!