[again] Wax pattern source

I am looking for a source for wax patterns for casting , been calling
Swest for over a year for their catalog only to hear over and over
that they are out and no one knows when they will be reprinted.I’d
like to find a low price supply , styles and such not inportant so I
can practice sprueing and casting .Prefer sources that do not require
tax id #s , I’m not at that stage of jewelry yet. Thanks again !

We get our wax patterns from Wilson/TCD. Dan is located in Florida.
He’s always very friendly and helpful. Here’s his URL:

Try “Paradise Wax Company, NJ (don’t recall the town)”. Also check
out the ads in Modern Jeweler or Lapidary Journal magazines. Also try
RIO or most any other jewelry supplier. Also try a web search.

From National Jeweler:

Wilsons TCD 941-686-9738 wltcd@gate.net
http://www.waxpatterns.com J&L Jewelry 800-447-9569

Lapidary Journal:

Au-Rus Explosion http://www.nidlink.com/~bhanks

Have fun?!!!

John & Cynthia (she found the last 3 addresses and she is the Jeweler
in this house, I am just the flunky!)

Hi Timothy, Better than Swest is a company called Wilsons/TCD
863-686-9738. A very nice selection and decent prices. They are in
Florida. J.A.

Wax pattern co.'s I used to deal with. Don’t know if all are still in
business, though. Try them anyway.

Bourget Bros.  1636 11 St.  Santa Monica, Calif  90404  213 450-6556

ESP Waxes  PO Box 18468  Encino, Calif  91416  818 788-9120

JMC  17207 S. Broadway  Gardenia, Calif  90248  800 537-8346

US Wax  2309 N. Broadway  Oklahoma City, Ok   73103  800 524-4653

Paradise  PO Box 32  Toms River, NJ  08754  908 244-4950

West Wind  PO Box 18320  Reno, NV  89511  702 851-8090

Great Western  PO Box 1371  Corrales, MN  87048  800 821-0891

Galatea  548 W. Bonita Ave.  San Dimas, Calif  91773  800 609-6888

Try them all…Good luck