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[again] Slide scanner


High sll: I am loking for a good slide scanner that is designed
expresly for Slides I want it for my 35 mm slides that I have coming
frim the photo shop this week. The slides are of my miniature game
animals and I want the best pictures that I can get to use for my Home
page. I think I want a 1200 resolution or better. Any help with this
would be appreciated verry much. Yours Billy S. Bates Royal Wildlife


Billy - I have an Olympus ES-10. It does a fair job scanning slides
and negatives. About half the time I need to make extensive color and
brightness corrections with PhotoShop. Steve.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA


Slide scanners are expensive. I used to work in a university computer
shop and I did a few quotes on these. I believe the cheapest one I
found was the Hewlett Packard version. Check out their website at for the specs. Other possibilites would be Kodak, and
probably some of the other companies that make digital cameras. Maybe
check around to see what your local computer retailers offer and then
check the specs on the net to see exactly what you’re buying.

Good luck,

High sll: I am loking for a good slide scanner that is designed
expresly for Slides I want it for my 35 mm slides that I have coming
frim the photo shop this week. The slides are of my miniature game

Hello, If you only need a few scans (under 40) I would recommend
calling around to places that do slide duplications. Often these
places can scan your slides onto a CD with very good equipment for
about $1-3 per image. If your going to be doing a lot of scanning over
a period of time you can try one of the Photo Smart Slide scanners
from Hewlett Packard ($300-500). I own one and it works well. You can
buy them directly from the company at:

Good luck

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry


Hi Bill, look up the Nikon LS 1000. I had the pleasure of using one
of these for a while and it works great. I believe the Resolution was
around 3600 DPI. The only drawback I found to this unit was the cost at
the time it was around 2500.00 but the results where well worth the
price. (Fast one pass Scan, Crisp Clear Scans, and compatible)



According to the computer mags, the one made by Polaroid appears to
be far and away the best one. but the main thing is, if you want decent
copies of slides, you need a dedicated slide scanner, not just an
adapter for your regular scanner.


I have just purchased an EPSON Perfection 1200U Photo Scanner and
Iove it! It scans 35 ml slides, negs into positive and 4X5 negs and
slides. It also scans and reads text, OCR. It is new on the market
and I paid 499.00 Canadian. It needs Windows 98 and a USB port. It
has a maximum resolution of 600 X 9600 dpi. True optical resolution
of 1200 dpi. Hardware resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi.


Hello, I have the same EPSON scanner and for grins scanned some
jewelry: Porcelan beads, diamond pendant, chain, rings. WOW!
Excellent definition - you can read the metal karet markings. Showed
the results to some others and now they’re scanning their jewelry
(with karet marks showing) and storing on CDs for verification
purposes on insureance policies. The old video is great for rooms
full of furniture, but limited on the small stuff. I’d posted in the
past about making a quick record of jewelry using color xerox-type
machines. THIS is also quick, but much better. I plan to start
scanning pieces for my inventory record. If anyone wants the details,
contact me off line. Again thanks to Hanuman (Dr. Aspler) for making
all this wonderful exchange possible!!! Judy from Kansas - my turtles
are out and HUNGRY! Judy M. Willingham, R.S. Extension Associate 221
Call Hall Kansas State Univerisity Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-1213 FAX (785) 532-5681


Hi… I have been having good luck with a HP Photosmart scanner…
It will scan 35mm slides, negs and small prints. Max resolution is
2400dpi. I used it to scan a bunch of hand engravings for the web
pages to show close-ups. Here is a link to an engraved watch case.
The scans are big so wait for them to the load… I think the bottom
one is at the full 2400 dpi or close to it anyway.

I don’t remember for sure the price I paid for this hp scanner. I
purchased it about a year and there was a $100 rebate. It might have
been around $400??? Steve Lindsay


Are you able to put the image you get of the jewelry you scanned on
Orchid for us to see the quality? Whew! Is that the world longest
sentence or what.
Any orchidians up on their sentence structure? NET



I just want to mention the fact that the resolution of the scanner is
one fact.Now ,you can by scanners with a very high resolution but
remember that your printer need to handel this very high resolution
and not allof them do!So before you by a scanner look at the
resolution of your printer.It’s like driving a viper on country
roads,you’ve got the power but you’re not able to drive that fast due
to the road condition. Just a small addition to give some background

Regards Pedro