[again] set up a professional looking booth

Does anyone know of a good reference in “how to” set up a
professional looking booth for juried shows? I am looking at
starting to do some shows,(indoor only!) and really have no idea
where to begin interms of creating a displays. Any leads?


Katrina, I’m in the same boat and a good start would be to go to
shows and look what others are doing to get an idea. I think
keep it simple is best to start out . I would also be interested
in what others say.

The Craft’s Report has an article on booth design. set-up or
behavior almost every month. Possibly your library will have
back issues. This month’s issue has some good info on ‘booth


Nancy Bernardine-Widmer
Bernardine Art Jewelry

   Does anyone know of a good reference in "how to" set up a
professional looking booth for juried shows? ? 

Hi, Katrina,

When I was researching booth setups a fellow jeweler recommend
“How to Show & Sell Your Crafts” by Kathryn Caputo. I found it
has some very useful

Also, something else that was valuable to me was to go to shows and look at
what others are doing. It also depends on what you are willing to spend. I
didn’t have a lot of $$$ to start with so I found the best bargains I could
and ended up making my tables, display cases, curtains, table covers and
some of my booth structure. I am still changing things as the money comes
it. In the “Crafts Report” for March there is an article on "The Do’s and
Don’ts of Booth Behavior. The "Crafts Report periodically has articles on
booth design as well. There are also companies that sell indoor booths a
sample of those are on the “Crafts Report” web site.
http://www.craftsreport.com/suppliers/displaysystems/displaypanel s.html

and many others, these are just some of them I know of.

Hope this helps…

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
http://www.jps.net/lcrawford (this site is under construction)

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I would tell you to go look at what’s out there as well…there
are so many options there is no real “right or wrong” way to tell

I would like to suggest that your set-up be flexible rather than
to rigid by design. as booths can be open on one, two, three, or
even all four sides! You should have a plan in mind to take
advantage of this when you can.


Their are no good books on the subject, believe me I looked. The
Craft Report and Sunshine artist address the issue on occassion.
I had a professional set of oak display cases built by a
woodworker. Go look at a few shows and take good notes on the
displays that look appealing to youand than call around your area
to a good woodworker or ask people at shows for a reference?
This is what I did and I believe it will work for you as well.
Remember the display slide counts for as much as 50 percent of
your score when jurying into a show . good luck Jennifer Peterson