[again] nickel silver

Hi everyone,should someone could explain what is the different
between sterling silver alloy & nickel silver alloy,i knew that
925 sterling silver is pure silver(92.5%) contained with
(7.5%)copper metals .but this alloy does not lasting for a long
period,it will become grey to black colour.so,how about nickel
silver? Paul

Hello Paul… Nickel silver does not contain any silver at all.
It is a name with the same meaning as German Silver and/or
Mexican Silver. I am not a metalurgist, but the formula is in
general 65% copper, 18% nickel and 17% zinc.

I sometimes use it as material to make a model from…us it to
demonstrate soldering. If you are learning to set diamonds,
what is called Bright Cut Setting then it is an ideal median to
practice in.

Again calling it silver is really confusing to most people. I
think it should not be allowed.
best of luck don