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[again] Creating a brooch

Thank you to Alan Revere, C. Gruenwald and Timothy for their
wonderful suggestions on my questions about creating a brooch. I
have gotten the rendering approved and am ready to proceed. I
did not get any responses to the three questions below and I
still need help - any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank
you in advance. Sheridan

  1. When I send it to be plated (I believe I want 18k) - do I ask
    for a particular depth of thickness of plating?

  2. Do you know where I can find nice half-drilled faux pearls
    in large mm sizes? I thought it might be difficult to find if I
    only want to order 2-3. Might I have to drill the pearl myself?

  3. What glues do you use to glue the pearl to the post?

  4. Can you recommend mold makers, casters, providers of pearls
    in San Diego, Southern California, or California? I was hoping
    to keep the work close to home so I can share the progress with
    her (I’m hoping to get through this and still have this friend)

Hello Sheridan, I do a lot of casting and finished products for a
lot of designers…feel free to call me . We do full model
making,polishing,casting in gold, sterling and Bronze .I have 2
plating companies within 1/4 mile that can handle plating for
me. Faux Pearls are usually glued with a clear epoxy and
occasionaly Superglue. Waliga imports in RI carries all sorts of
Faux stones and pearls in all sizes. their tel. # is 401-272-6777
I believe the biggest problem you face in making the item
appears to be the fact that most jewelers don’t have
copper/nickel/gold plating capabilies also that NO ONE can get a
few faux pearls without a lot of costly agravation… ie
suppliers of faux stones do not sell 1 or 2 pieces.(you might be
able to get some free samples If you lead them to believe that
this could be a BIG order.) Also, it sounds like youre customer is
looking for a custom made costume jewelrry type of piece. For all
the effort that you are puttting into it,the item probably
should be in 14k gold or Sterling silver at the least. You may
call me @ 401-461-7803 If i can help out in any way, i would
beglad to do so. Dan Grandi