[Again] Centrifugal vs. vacuum casting

Hello everyone,

I am new to this.

I want do some casting and I am considering to buy a burnout kiln
and a centrifugal casting machine or a vacuum / casting machine.

It is difficult to make up my mind. At first, I thought I would
prefer the centrifugal method, simply because I think that this is
the most common technique nowadays (or is this not true?). A couple
of people told me that they prefer vacuum casting (for various
reasons), although one professional also told me today that she had
been trying to cast a really fine ring with a sort of dragon on top,
but that the dragon had come out with fins between his arms. In other
words, she thought that for really very detailed work, the vacuum
sometimes does not pull enough.

I would like to work with Sterling, fine silver and gold, and I
mainly want to make rings, broaches and pendants (no big pieces).

Would anyone like to share experiences? What would be the best
option and why?

Does anyone in here has a kiln and/or a centrifugal casting machine
and would he/she like to share experiences? What would be the best
options and why?

It’s difficult for me to make a decision in this. I would be very
grateful if some of you would give their opinion.

Thank you for reading,

Christine Denayer