[again] Bench schools

I am a G.G. and designer who is looking to go back to school to
learn the bench and manufacturing end. My end goal is to be able to
produce my own designs and then to sell my merchandise to boutiques.
My designs use precious metals as well as all nature of
There are so many schools out there that teach bench, but there is
not a rating system per se. I am looking at Revere and at the New
Approach school, but don’t know if there are others out there that I
should consider. I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me
what your opinion would be on the school for a person to attend?

Thank you,
Samara Squire

While the Revere Academy does a fantastic job of education, and is
generally very high on my list, and the New Approach School is
superb for setting and more soon I understand (not to
mention Kate Wolf’s workshop school) the best bang for the buck right
now may be the program in Paris Texas (though the state just imposed
a whopping 7% budget cut across the board on colleges part way
through their budget year). The out of state tuition is less than
$2000.00 a year if my memory serves and classes are around 12
students. Not to mention the only ethics course for jewelers I’ve
heard of as part of their program. Their head, Teresa Shannon is a
real go-getter and bright to boot. This program was a major part of
the development the JA standard testing system that Revere’s program
and (maybe GIA) now teach to.

Their url: http://www.paris.cc.tx.us/TIJT/


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You might consider Paris Junior College, a/k/a Texas Institute of
Jewelry Technology. 2400 Clarksville, Paris, TX 75460. A fully
accredited 2 year college, these folks are all about jewelry. Call
for at 903-782-0386. Good luck.

Steve Burns
Hoover & Strong

Not intended as a slight to Mr. Alan Revere’s esteemed academy in
’Friso (bowing and reverence included), I highly recommend the New
Approach School in Va. Beach for stone setting school. Blaine Lewis
is an outstanding instructor, and is highly regarded in the industry.
“It doesn’t get any better!” All the Best, Dave

Hello Sammy: I graduated from Paris Jr. College in 1984.
http://pjc.paris.cc.tx.us/TIJT/ I thought it was a good school at
that time and I think it is even better now. How much time do you
want to spend in school? I think it is a 14 month program now. I am
intreged with the new approach school
http://www.newapproachschool.com/ but I think it is more like a 1
week thing. GIA http://www.gia.edu/ has a class in California that
is pretty good from what I hear.

Michael R. Mathews Sr.

If any one wants to contact me off list , my address is
@Robert_Powell Robert L. Powell aka Robb.

I attended TIJT last semester. Tuition, room & board plus books and
tools for the GGS class ( Graduate of Gemological Science ) ,
Certified Gemologist , came to approximately $ 3,500 .

This certification requires 5 classes for a total of 15 hrs college
credit, which can be transferred to a school offering a Bachelors of
Fine Arts 4 year degree. *

The classes leading to an associate degree in Jewelry Technology 4
semesters, 54 credit hrs, are transferable as elective credit hrs. *

  • Acceptance of these credit hrs. toward a degree is dependent on the
    admissions office of the school you want to complete your bachelors
    degree at. But they are fully transferable. But check to make sure…

And you will receive upon completion of testing, Jewelers of America
Certification .

You will think Jewelry Boot Camp . You will also receive a world
class education.

There is a long standing history of accommodating students with
disabilities. I am physically disabled. They worked continually with
me .

State rehabilitation offices will help if requested.


The tools , while not the most expensive at times, are good to
excellent in quality. You can make a living with them.

Here is a quote from their on line site.

Tools for all TIJT Programs may be purchased with an Interest Free
Loan and may be paid out over 10 months.

The cost of hand tools and books for Jewelry is $ 1345.11 Horology
hand tools are $ 1100.00 in Fall 2002

Tuition is based on residency status for 12 credit hours Plus a Lab
and Instructional Fee of $72.00

Total Tuition and Fees Cost Per Semester

In District=$ 510.00 Out-of -District=$702.00 Out-of-State=$1050.00

Probably the school with the longest track record in training bench
jewelers is CIJT - California Institute of Jewelry Training in
Sacramento/Carmichael. Program is 3 to 8 months in length, full
time, hands on and evening and Saturday courses available. All geared
for the trade. Has been training bench jewelers consistently for 24
years and still going strong, it is comprehensive, personalized and
a small student to teacher ratio, teachers are full time employees of
the school and have certification to teach with real world
experience. Brian Newton, Master JA Bench Certification oversees the
curriculum and standards set forth in providing training that is
geared for students to enter the industry with credibility. The
school is a state of the art facility, stand alone on approximately
one acre campus. Good place to check out, considered a strong and
stable training institution with hundreds upon hundreds success
stories. Been there, had to prove its way, succeeded. Good
hunting. Dee

Hello All: I misspoke before when I said Blaine’s New Approach school
http://www.newapproachschool.com classes were only one week long. I
just visited his web page again and he’s got a 12 week class. I wish
I had the time to go take it because it looks really cool and there
is no doubt that seeing the work being done like it was in your own
optivisor is in my opinion by far the most ultamate way to describe a
procedure to a student.

Michael R. Mathews Sr.
JA Master Bench Jeweler

Do any of you have any comments on the Miami Jewelry Institute
taught by Pat Taylor?