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After Graduation, Apprenticeship?

Hello All, Well I’m finally done with College, now what! I’m
looking for a apprentice/journeyman position with Master Goldsmith.
I have some leads but in this case more is better. Unlike many
BFA’s I have solid bench skills as well as design ability. Anyways
if anybody knows of anything interesting I’d appreciate an email.
Excellent references available. Thanks,


Ed Colbeth Metalsmith, UMASS Dartmouth
Taunton, MA

Since I noticed you’re pretty close to Providence, Rhode Island I
thought I’d let you know about a Career Day that the Manufacturing
Jewelers and Silversmiths of America (MJSA) will be holding on
Friday, May 15 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.
The object of the event is to bring people like yourself together
with jewelry manufacturers. There will be many companies there that
might be of interest to you. MJSA might also be able to help you
with your job search by providing a list of companies that are
looking for goldsmiths.

For more call MJSA at 800-444-6572 or 401-274-3840.

Candace Marandola, Associate Editor, AJM Magazine Providence, Rhode
Island, USA

  Where are you located geographically?  I think that is helpful
to mention in

DEFINATLY willing to relocate! I’ll go just about anywhere. I am
curently living in Taunton, MA


Remember me? I haunt these airways quite often. You might try
Jeff Wise if you don’t mind moving to the Berkshires. He is
looking for such a person. He posted here a bit ago and I don’t
know if he is still looking.

The world after school is an interesting place. Hope you find
your way in Boston one of these days. If so, give me a call.


Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


Current Artwork:

Ed- what school did you graduate from? I’m a fellow metalsmith
major at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I’m just curious, and
interested… Jess

Jessie, I’m graduating from Umass Dartmouth next month! If you
have any questions about my job search experiance let me know.

P.S. Tell Morae Kim I said Hello.


You say you are ‘DEFINATLY willing to relocate! I’ll go just
about anywhere’. Seriously? This IS an international forum! :wink:

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