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African hair bracelet


A friend of mine had a shop copy in gold one of those bracelets
which are from Africa and made of long elephant hairs. The type
that is wrapped and wound upon itself. It looked wonderful and
I want to either made one myself or order it in Bangkok next
week. BUT I can’t get a good clear image of it to copy. I found
several small pictures in a few books but not clear enough to
really understand the method. Does anyone have this design and
could send a good image for me to use?? Thanks from Sharron in
Sunny Saigon


Hi Sharron, If you havn’t come right with an image of the ele
hair bracelet, let me know. I’m going to Zimbabwe tomorrow and
I’ll look around at some of my buddies shops to see if there is
any thing scannable if you like. Cheers Hans

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P.O.Box 266 Kasane Botswana
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DearSir, Ihave been hoping to see a response on the thread
regarding the elephant hair bracelet I have been chasing around
tryinf to find an example of one because I have been commissioned
to make one out of gold wire. If you have a clear picture , I am
most interested in the foue knots. I understand the general
construction but I need a detail of how the knots are wrapped.
Your help is deeply appreciated. Sincerely,
Deborah Ringhaver Lane


Dear Mr. Hans Meevis, as I was checking todays postings I
realized that I had not addressed my correspondence properly. I
had simply used the “reply to sender” not thinking that the
original contact came from orchid. So in an effort to be more
thorough, I will start over with my request. I am searching for
a good photo of how the four knots of an elephant hair bracelet
are wrapped. I have a commission to execute one in 22k gold. If
you have an example that you can scan or can direct to any
publication with a clear image, I would be eternally grateful. I
thank you for any help you can give. Sincerely, Deborah Ringhaver